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after using hyrsak hair dryer diffuser bonnet attachment


Brings out the natural to your look.

A revolutionary new way to blow dry your hair!


Hyrsak is a creative new hair dryer attachment that is simple to use and will generally cut your drying time in half while softening and adding volume to your hair. Hyrsak's unique heat disbursement causes less heat damage to your hair, reducing dead ends and unwanted frizz. Hyrsak does not require a professional hair dryer but easily attaches with your hair dryer and diffuser. It is dry when your hair is dry and simply folds up for fast and convenient storage. Dry your hair quicker, add more volume, soften and prevent heat damage with Hyrsak. Works amazing with all hair types including thin, thick, curly, straight and dreadlocks too!



Step by Step Instructions for using the Hyrsăk

Step 1 - Drop the diffuser into the large opening of your Hyrsăk allowing it to fit snugly in the small


Step 2 - Short Hair - Put larger opening over your head.  Pull up to hairline (like a cap).

Long Hair - Simply put your hand through the midway up small hand sized port and then back down through the large elastic opening, gather your hair into a pony tail and then slide the Hyrsăk over your head situating it at your hairline. (See Video Above or Below).

Step 3 - Connect diffuser to hair dryer at the small end of the Hyrsăk.


Step 4 - Choose your hair dryer setting.  Hyrsăk can be used on high, medium, and low speeds and on  

various heat settings.

Step 5 - Use the midway up, small, hand sized port opening to check moisture levels of hair from time to

time while drying. 

Step 6 - Remove your Hyrsăk when hair is dry.

Naturally curly hair?  Remove the Hyrsăk when hair is mostly dry.   Use your favorite gel to seal the curls.  Finish scrunch drying with a hair dryer.  

Have naturally curly hair but you like it straight?  Remove the Hyrsăk when hair is damp, but not completely dry.  Finish drying with a hair dryer and a straightening brush.  Straighten with a flat iron as normal. 

Hyrsăk also works great for customers with short hair, dreadlocks, curlers, and braids!  Can be use with most hair conditioning treatments as well!  Simply wash and reuse!

Perfect size for travel!  A great styling tool to add to your hair care regimen!

The pictures and videos on this site are taken with no product applied to hair and no styling done.


If you have your own before and after photos or videos we would love to have them to put on this website.

Kids love it too! 

No more sending your kids to bed with wet hair! 

Use the Hyrsăk before bedtime to dry their hair in about one-half the time!

"My hair is softer and less dry after using the Hyrsăk for one week!" - L. Franklin​​

after using hyrsak hair dryer diffuser bonnet attachment

The Please note the following: Will not or may not turn hair from straight to curly, results will vary person to person. Hair dryer and diffuser sold separately.


Safety: For your safety keep away from hot curling irons, hot straightening irons, candles, and flames. Do not obstruct hair dryer airflow intake with Hyrsak. Do not leave unattended with hairdryer on or in contact with your Hyrsak. Adult supervision required when using the Hyrsak on or near children. Disconnect from hair dryer and store separately from dryer in a drawer. Do not lay down or attempt to sleep while using the Hyrsak. Hair dryers/diffusers are sold separately. Do not use without a diffuser attached to hair dryer.

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